Nofeel FTP Server 3.6

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Nofeel FTP Server   3.6 New features in v3.2+
Professional, Secure and easy-to-use Windows FTP server software
•   32-bit and 64-bit Edition
From v3.6 Nofeel FTP Server has both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. 64-bit edition will run on Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Server 2003 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit. With native 64-bit program, users can get higher performance on 64-bit Windows platform.

•   SSL/TLS Improved
SSL/TLS performance was improved much, and the certificate management was greatly simplified. Users can easily import certificate purchased from trusty third-party, and set server to use it.
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High performance and stability
- This makes Nofeel FTP Server a professional server program.

- All options have same or similar operations. With basic wizard a newbie can build a server in three minutes. Quick settings makes you change most often used options without opening any dialog.

SSL/TLS support
- This makes Nofeel FTP Server a fully secure ftp server.

Real-time monitoring
- In real-time running mode, you can see all current users' activities, including all downloads and uploads. If you want, you can stop the downloading/uploading or disconnect them at any time.

• I installed the FTP server and registered it immediately. ..."            ---- Nofeel FTP Server user
• Now I see that i can find the past downloads by seperate users.
   Very good idea. Something new and not-seen in other products ..." ---- Nofeel FTP Server user
• It is very easy to set up my personal FTP server after installing
   it on my Windows XP. ..."                                                                      ---- Nofeel FTP Server user
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